10 Easy DIY Projects to Make your Space Feel your Own

It’s all exciting when you move into a new place, which you can finally call it your “own” home. Because it’s your space you would want to design and give a personal touch, and what’s better than being your own home decor guru. With your crafting skills and our home decor idea’s get ready for all the compliments for your new designed home. Here are 10 easy DIY projects to give a custom and designer feel to your home.

1. Photo Slide Lamp: Create your own personalize lamp with some photo negatives all you need is some rectangular shape lamp and Decoupage With Mod Podge and add the type and color of lights you want.

Integrated DIY lamp

2. Cut an Antique Door Selves: Fan of vintage artwork. Here’s how you can give your home a vintage theme with helpful Shelves. All you need is an old door in half and add shelves to it and voila you have and artistic shelf.

Doors-Integrated Spaces

3. Wall art effect:  When you do not trust your art skills but still want to create your own wall art masterpiece. Here’s a trick all you need is to tie old yarn on your paint roller and dip it and there you go a design of your own.


4. Dry Erase Calendar: Why buy all the fancy calendar when you can create your own dry erase glass calendar. It’s super easy all you need is poster frame and paint chips. And you can hang it like an art piece and write any important notes and renew every month.

dry erase calender

5. Suitcase Bar: Spending on that lavish bar is too mainstream. Now plan your own little bar with an old suitcase and make it look like a new age traveling bar with your personal touch and style.

suitcase bar

6. Wall Hanging: Make your own hanging art with those bath mats. To be more creative you can add your own painting skills and use that as your canvas and portray your art.

bath mat

7. Design the chords: Why leave those dull wire hanging. Add a bit art by wrapping up your own washi tape and let those hanging wire from your electronics be part of your home decor.washi tape

8. Cushion Covers: Add more colors and creativity to your new place with your leftover cloth piece and make them as your cushion cover. Inexpensive and designing at its best!

cushion covers

9. Mason Jar Candles: Create your very own mason jar candles with some scented candles and illuminate your house with light and good aroma and all this can be done with your very own skills.

Marvelous cheap ideas to decorate your home as inexpensive ideas to decorate your home #cl4ror4lbt | mikubo - KitchenDecor

10. Ladder Wardrobe: Get rid of those extra space taking furniture. Take a ladder and create your very own wardrobe hanger and make your room spacious and artistic.

ladder wardrobe


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