10 things you need to know before buying your first home

When it comes to choosing a house, we often make the mistake of checking just the quality and not the quantity. There are things that are visible to our naked eye and some that are hidden from us. When it comes to inspecting a house, there are qualities that we keep in mind and there are some that does not occur to us. Below are some tips that could serve helpful for those who are willing to invest in a property: 
1. Connectivity: The first thing that comes to our mind when we look for a house is the locality and it's proximity to the city's most popular places. Commutation has an important role to play when it comes to choosing a house. We all prefer to spend less time on travel while commuting to school, college and workplaces and hence prefer the closest proximity to our houses. 
2. Extensive Life-spaces: The life spaces such as the living hall, kitchen and bedroom must be spacious for you to move around easily. You must be able to move about with no effort. The kitchen must be fitted with good quality flooring such as vitrified flooring. A good kitchen includes granite-finish slabs and equipped with plug points for refrigerator. It must be fitted exhausted fan-point, water purifier point and must have a designated gas pipe line facility.
3. Layout-Plan: The layout Plan of an apartment should be such that it must give you the delight of high-living standard that offers substantial quality and perfection. The bedroom must showcase vitrified flooring with anodised Aluminium sliding windows and must include a  telephone point, A.C and T.V connection points too for a convenient living. Some top-notch apartments consists of spacious bedrooms yet at the same time not waste space.
4. Amenities: If you are willing to invest in an apartment, make certain that it includes all the amenities that could add comfort and luxury at once. It must include a fully-equipped fitness centre, amply spaced parking lot and must not cost you an arm and a leg at the same time. A well-designed entrance lobby and high-speed lifts in all wings could definitely help the elderly and senior citizens.
5. Neighborhood: When you pick a house, the locality where it is put also matters. It becomes crucial to check on the neighborhood. With the help of newspaper websites, local government sites, you can know more about the development of the community and other community issues.
6. Educational Institutions: Before you narrow down on a house, it is important to check on the schools that are close to your house. It helps to have some of the popular schools around your homes where you can also save on commuting to places. 
7. In and around: With the help of Google Maps, you can get a good view of the whole street or the community that is nearby. You get a good peak of what is within the walking distance from your house, It helps to have a grocery store, swimming pool, club and much more around your house. You should be able to get a quick access to places such as the Phoenix Market City or R- City Mall.
8. Ventilation and Natural light: It is important to check the amount of natural light that penetrates the house. A well-lit house brings in good amount of positive energy and appears extremely welcoming to you and to your guests. 
9. Calculate your Liabilities : A check on the monthly taxes, insurances and association dues would help before you pick a house. The house should be worth the money and make you less liable to paying taxes and etc…
10.Your priorities matter: Before you go hunting for apartments, make a list of your priorities. Segregate the things that matter from those that are not really significant to you. This helps you realize what matters the most to you and pick an apartment accordingly.
The aforementioned points have been incorporated in multiple modern apartments in Mumbai. For a start, Integrated Spaces is one such residential group who have adopted innovative methods to help their residents revel in luxurious living. Apartments such as Integrated Bhoomi offer closest proximity to Ghatkopar Railway station and offer maximum accessibility to major transportation networks. The standout feature about GroupIntegrated apartments is that their foresightedness in planning the house layout. They understand the needs of a modern family and have constructed apartments bearing the number of people an apartment could occupy and have allotted room space accordingly. By employing unique methods such as Zero Wastage planning, they offer glorious residential complexes to all.

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