5 Space Management Ideas For Your New Home

What is the perfect home for you? Good location, amenities and the most importantly space. We understand consumer needs and their need for a spacious house is one of the evolving needs while buying a new home. At Group Integrated we focus on intelligent sizing making sure that no space goes waste.It’s great when you have much space at home but if the things aren’t organized you will always crave for more space, and nothing makes you feel more cramped when your living space is full of clutter and confusion. Here are 5 space management ideas to prevent clutter and enjoy a spacious and clean home.

1. Storage Stairs: The area left beneath stairs can help as a huge storage hack not only giving your house a new unique decor design but also cuts the extra storage space which can be used to store books your own unique no space wastage reading zone.

stairs2. Bed House: A bed house is itself a room. Where it saves space and keep your kids happy about having their own tent house feel. It’s cozy and cute at the same time. Which serves multipurpose storage and decor at the same time.

bed3. Space Saver Coffee Table: A coffee table which not only serves your coffee needs and compliments your living room furniture but also acts as a dining table with some floor sitting why not. This saves space with the sliding desks for eating purpose is the best way to make your living room look huge spacious and grand.

dinning table4. Ottoman Storage: Ottoman is the new storage sitting furniture for house decor. Which serves the dual advantage sitting and storage and are easy in terms of moving it from place to place. Modern furniture is the really beneficial.




5. Mirror Table: A hanging mirror which can act as a table that bliss for a house where your house looks chic and you get that smart home decor from your guest. Usually, furniture presence at times chokes the space and makes your house look tiny and restricts the light which adds a lot of elements. But all this space management hacks are not only affordable but easy and unique.




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