Benefits of living in a luxurious residential project

Every individual dreams of owning an asset that fills him with pride in every glimpse of it. Such an asset could be as trivial as a car or as significant as a luxurious house. However, no amount of research can truly assist us in owning one unless we know to differentiate the genuine projects from the rip-off projects. Thanks to the transparency and integrity of some builders, that we now have an opportunity to own a uber-luxury house at a reasonable price. Amidst the myriad of privileged amenities that we get, some amenities take greater precedence over the other. Read on to know more about the luxuries you need more than just run-of-the-mill amenities.
1. Artistic Interiors: Beginning with the design, every project must display the innovative mind of an architect behind the design. A poorly constructed house lacks foresightedness and consideration a builder should possess. Make certain that the design aspect of a house is clear, wide and offers extensive space for you to move swiftly with no hassle.When the new residential projects in Mumbai come to light, they also bring them with the most novel and advanced concepts. Group Integrated promises that to you. Their interiors are very artistically designed and are colored in superior quality paints. Their living spaces include vitrified flooring in an amalgamation with the anodised aluminium sliding windows and include effective connection points for electric appliances such as telephone, A.C. and T.V

Untitled-12. Full-fledged parking facilities, lofts and lifts: Many residential projects in Mumbai do not give much importance to areas such as Foyer, Lobby and Parking lot. Unique residential projects such as Integrated Bhoomi give you well-designed lobbies at podium level and well-structured parking lot additionally.Their high-speed lifts and space-saving room structures truly uplift your need for comfort unlike the conventional houses that are built keeping just the bare facts in mind. The residents of such projects also enjoy the privilege of majestic entrance lobby with spacious parking lot which is placed inside a basement. The parking lot is also bifurcated separately for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.
3. Extraordinary features: Ranging from a fully functional fitness centre that includes the latest exercising equipment to high-speed lifts, some builders include them all in a project. Such amenities are central to a luxury home.Integrated Bhoomi is one such project that includes a kitchen with vitrified flooring and has granite finish slabs, stainless steel fixtures such as basins and sinks

Untitled-24. Connectivity: Although the aforementioned features play as the key factors, one's pursuit for a luxury home does not end here as the state-of-the-art amenities and parking lots would not be beneficial if the luxury apartments are not located strategically. Thus, in the wake of identifying good luxury apartments in Mumbai, one should consider the location and the accessibility it offers. Projects such as Integrated Arya are located 10 minutes away from Ghatkopar railway station and 15 minutes away from prominent landmarks such as R-CIty Mall. A luxury home must be an all-inclusive deal that can make your life convenient and enjoyable. A luxury home should stand out in terms of both appeal andlocation. Thus, if you are looking to enjoy wonderful fireplaces, tall ceilings and privilege of out-of-the-world amenities, Integrated Bhoomi and Integrated Arya are the ideal places of residence for you

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