Commutation in Ghatkopar

When one initiates the process of buying a house, the bare necessity that comes into the picture is the commutation aspect a particular locality has to offer. We prefer close proximity to bus stops, metro and railway stations from area of our residence.Unless we have the privilege of possessing own transportation, we depend on private and public transportation services.Nevertheless, some well-planned areas never let you compromise on this significant aspect of living and provide different ways of transportation to get you to places. Such is the area in Mumbai called Ghatkopar which is well-urbanized and provides various options to avail different transportation services.













Like every run-of-the-mill community place, Ghatkopar previously had a principal road that connected it to Mumbai and Thane at once. However, the commutation aspect has now changed and the following would describe the various opportunities that Ghatkopar has to offer:

1. BEST: Ghatkopar is well-equipped when it comes to offering local buses to different parts of Mumbai. It helps the stock brokers and bank managers travel to their workplaces within short span of time. With the help of BEST, Ghatkopar is easily accessible from any part of Mumbai. In addition, you get buses from Ghatkopar to South Mumbai, West Mumbai, North and East Mumbai. BEST buses such as 340, 497 and 493 are some of the major buses that dominate the routes of Ghatkopar. These buses have helped people visit the landmarks and exquisite attractions of Mumbai. Although it is not located in the center of the Mumbai, Ghatkopar has not disappointed its residents with respect to commutation.

















2. Mumbai Metro Project: The speedy Metro train in Ghatkopar has definitely proved its efficiency in the transportation facet. Since Mumbai is a fast-paced city, it helps the residents commute through Metro effortlessly. The Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Metro comprises of Standard Gauge air-conditioned trains with 12 elevated stations. It is capable of carrying 60,000 people and above in 70 minutes. The western part of Ghatkopar is connected with the Metro Station via a Skywalk. Ghatkopar serves as a place of halt for both fast-moving and slow-moving trains.
















3. Ghatkopar Railway Station: It runs on the central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. It effectively serves the suburban areas of Ghatkopar. In addition to BEST, you can also avail the local trains to reach workplaces, city attractions, eateries and others such places. According to the statistics that was measured in 2014, around 465,000 commuters travelled back and forth.













In addition to the major railway stations and bus stations, Ghatkopar also has a chain of auto rickshaws and other buses that one can make use of to travel to places that are close by. Thus, Ghatkopar has gone great lengths to enhance the standard of living for its citizens as opposed to the lack of development that was witnessed earlier. From encompass a principal road, Ghatkopar now serves as a cynosure for metro and railway stations; thus proving its worth in being a valuable place of residence for all.



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