Life at Ghatkopar

Ghatkopar is a homely neighborhood planted in the eastern part of Mumbai. By itself, Ghatkopar can be called the ‘mini Mumbai’ because it takes account of all that Mumbai has to offer within its territory. The area excels in terms of living standards, neighborhood and connectivity. The below pointers would give you a peek into the world of Ghatkopar. Read on to know more…
Ghatkopar’s gradual ascend to popularity began due to the construction of Ghatkopar Railway Station and has now gained its distinction owing to the recently constructed Ghatkopar Metro Station. The railway station helped in increasing the connectivity between Ghatkopar and other parts of Mumbai. Ghatkopar provides greater level of accessibility and is well-connected by the buses that are moderated by the state owned BEST. It connects Ghatkopar effectively to all the parts of Mumbai. Commutation was no longer a hassle as people could travel to different places of the city sooner than before. It is a place of halt for both fast-moving and slow paced trains. The two trains that originate from Ghatkopar act as the main source of commutation for all the stock brokers and bank officials to travel to different parts of Mumbai.
Ghatkopar (West): characterized mainly by temples and mosques remains crowded during the evenings. Jagdusha Nagar is one of the key developed areas over here which has famous schools, vast warehouses and it comprises of 60% of Jains family.
Ghatkopar (East): It comprises of both middle class and lower middle class residential colonies. Although the development was slow, it did reach its peak later on. With each passing day, middle class families are being gradually replaced by affluent business communities. The main landmark that puts Ghatkopar on map would be the renowned Siddha Ganesh Temple located in Nityanand Nagar constructed in pure marble which has been a point of interest during Maghi. Of late, nuclear families are taking over the residential projects and hence the developers have begun to offer apartments such as 1 Bhk and 2 Bhk to cater to their needs. For an instance, projects like Integrated Bhoomi provide such apartments where sometimes more than one room could be essential. Although 2 Bhk and 3 Bhk are most sought-after, the trend is now gradually shifting to people seeking after 1 Bhk and 2 Bhk. Integrated Arya is one such project that offers this composition.
With plenty of educational institutes being planted in Ghatkopar, one can find multiple coaching classes that would cater to educating the students and residents of Ghatkopar. There are plenty of schools in Ghatkopar (both East and West)
Living standards:
Residents in Ghatkopar can also find amusement from Phoenix Market City which is about 15 minutes away from apartments like Integrated Bhoomi. The famous Powai Lake is also just around the corner.
A resident of Ghatkopar has multiple opportunities to enhance his standard of living. With superior real estate developers building prospective apartments and houses, Ghatkopar appears to be an ideal place of residence.

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