Nature In The Home: 5 Tips For Bringing Nature Indoors

We all want to live in those tall buildings and have that  luxurious life with all that modern facilities, but there’s just nothing like the smell, sight, and touch of fresh, green nature. However, in this fast moving life, we get no time to leave the city and enjoy the peaceful serenity of nature. The ability to bring nature into your home is every homeowner’s dream. With this increase in pollution, it has been hard to get out and enjoy the green lush life. So here are few tips how to bring nature into your home by this you not only enjoy the bliss of nature but also stay connected with your city life.


1. Foliage Plants

Use of foliage plants in forms of hanging or indoor plants. With some planning, you can also decorate window with foliage plants. Such plants not only help in enhancing your interior decoration but also makes you much closer to nature. additional bonus, they’re
also good for you, in giving off much-needed oxygen and filtering the air.

Plants GI


2. Fresh Flowers

Who doesn’t love some freshly cut flowers? They will not only cheer you up but add a pop of color in your interior and adds that sweet smell in the house. Now who  would not feel welcomed looking at those blooming, cheerful flowers.

flowers-Integrated Spaces


3. Indoor water ponds

Ponds are not only a welcome addition to the landscape, but they can also be attractive features for indoor. The difference between outdoor and indoor pond  is that it can be as small or as large you want. It adds humidity to your place in dry and winter climate and  keeps cool in summer.


water pond (2)


4. Wildcrafting

If you’re one of those crafty individuals, you could also opt for wildcrafting to dry cut flowers and other plants for making festive wreaths, charming bouquets, or an array of other decorative pieces.

wildcraft (1)


5. Herb Garden

In the kitchen, you can up your chef game while bringing some fragrant nature into your room. Install a herb garden onto your wall using bolted baskets or small wooden crates. Make sure you place them in optimal sunlight. Any cooking enthusiast would be remiss to shirk off this idea.

herb garden


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