Redefining Modern Living

With new developments and projects coming up, the residential amenities

have greatly supersized. Going far beyond the typical gym or concierge

service, they are boasting features you might only find in resorts that blur the

line between a luxurious, extravagant vacation and everyday life, so that

residents do not need to leave the building.

Today homes are more than a location. The concepts of homes have

expanded outside the four walls a person lives in. Today homes consist not

only of a vast environment to breathe and live but now they have instilled life

into making your stay at your residence more luxurious and thus changing

our idea and the very definition of apartments and expectations associated

with them.

At our projects Integrated Arya and Integrated Kamal, we strive to do the

same by providing to the resident’s amenities which make their lives more

unique and relaxing.

These are some of the many amenities we strive to provide to redefine

your experience of modern day living-

Gardens 2016-10-13 16-35-59

As you see spirit the sight of nature in all her abundance flourished, you

relish the joy when you know that the mighty trees above you and the flowers

blooming, the expanse of lush green is all yours to have whenever you

choose. Because you are here in your private retreat, your personal paradise,

your home

Extending over an awe-inspiring lush greenery in the heart of the city, your

garden paradise has a low-density neighborhood with low-rise towers and

lets you enjoy all of it in uncrowded, perfect peace leaving the crowd and din

of city life behind

GYMNASIUM 2016-10-13 16-38-25

Daily exercise helps in increasing growth and development, preventing

aging, strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system,

grinding athletic skills, weight loss, and merely enjoyment. Frequent

and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system.

Thus we bring in gymnasium right into your residence so that you can

work on yourself whenever you feel like to and keep pushing yourself

further making your day more refreshing and rejuvenating.

Children’s Play Area 2016-10-13 16-40-16

Children develop on the playground often become skills sets they will have lifelong

and skills that would get carried forward into their adulthood. Research deduces

that playgrounds are among the most important environments for children outside

the home. Playing is essential for healthy development.

For your children to run around and play, there is a recreation space and also there

is a lot of greenery in the vicinity. With children’s park in your residential dwelling,

it will help your child develop, learn alongside various skills and after all ENJOY!

PARKING 2016-10-13 16-41-45

With well-designed and well-planned parking for two and four

wheelers, you do not have to worry about the safety of your


With our well-planned four level parking space for four wheeler

vehicles and abundant parking space for two wheelers in the

entire layout.

ROOFTOP LOUNGES 2016-10-13 16-43-49

Socialize at the hotspots

With our exclusive rooftop lounges, the residents can spend time with their

loved ones.

The rooftop lounges are a place where everyone can socialize, communicate

with one another and spend some quality time refreshing their memories.

They are the best places suitable for small get-togethers.

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