Things To Do In Mulund & Ghatkopar

There’s no doubting that Mumbai is one of the world’s most vibrant and

dynamic cities. It is also one of the world’s emergent cultural and

commercial hotspots. It is very hard to find a touch of peace and

tranquility in such a fast paced and bustling metropolis.

Mulund is the earliest planned suburb in the entire city of Mumbai. It is

well connected to other suburbs and other cities as well by adequate

a network of trains, BEST buses and roads including a national highway.

Ghatkopar is one the richest heritage suburbs of Mumbai. Never before

has this suburb undergone such a drastic transformation. Today, it has a

perfect blend of all the cultures. From temples and shopping malls to

multiplexes and cinemas.

Here are some of the reasons why Ghatkopar and Mulund should be

next place to explore when choosing your next home.


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R City is Mumbai’s leading entertainment and lifestyle destination where

living, working, playing, shopping, all come under one roof and combine

to form a city life of epic proportions.

It’s the newest and most diverse shopping destination in Mumbai. R City

is one-of-its-kind with retail galleria at multiple levels that balances a

steady mix of the finest local brands and top-notch international brands.

It also consists of nine-screen multiplex that provide a vibrant experience

to all shopping enthusiasts.

It is a place you should visit with your family during weekends; just a few

minutes from your residence where you spend your weekend shopping,

gaming and dining from a large number of dining options; all available

under one roof.

Pheonix Marketcity –

Phoenix Marketcity is said to be the hub of entertainment. It hosts a

variety of events such as plays, theater, musical events and live

performances. It is truly shopper’s paradise housing more than 600

brands. It has been said to be the number one destination for

entertainment, dining, and shopping in the city. The mall provides its

customers the best international brands, offers, contests and a holistic

shopping experience.

It is also one of the ideal places to dine as the mall provides over

75 dining options. It is a place you should visit to have an exciting

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On the daily needs spectrum, there are a large number of shops,

markets and hawker plazas which cater to the burgeoning population’s


With malls like Orion mall, R City Mall, Platinum Mall, Phoenix Market

City, and much more you will never fall short of options in this

shopper’s paradise all located just a few minutes your resident.


Kidzania- 2016-10-13 17-02-08











Kidzania is a global indoor theme park built like a city for children

where they can adult role-play like the pilot, surgeon, RJ, chef, firefighter

and much more. It imitates the concept of how a city works with a

functioning economy and the currency of its own.

So you can take a trip to Kidzania for the weekend located just a few

minutes from your residence and spend quality time with your family

and children.

Tikuji-ni-wadi- 2016-10-13 17-04-49













Tikuji-Ni-Wadi is an amusement water park located in Thane, just a few

kilometers from Mulund. The Water Park has pools and water slides. 2016-10-13 17-06-27

The amusement park

includes go-karts,

roller coasters, giant

wheels and water

park. It is the ideal

the place to visit on a

weekend with your

family and loved ones.

PVR, ADLABS and Much More-

PVR, Adlabs, and other multiplexes are located in the locality to provide

to the residents a trilling experience of the latest Bollywood and

Hollywood blockbusters.

Moreover, there is also alongside The Kalidas auditorium which is said

to be the cultural epicenter, the only one of its kind in Mulund hosting

Marathi, Gujarati, and Hindi play musical concerts as well as concertos.


The Village- 2016-10-13 17-09-48










Enjoy the taste of some authentic Indian cuisine including North Indian,

South Indian and Gujarati-Marwadi styles when you are too tired to

cook at the end of the week.

When hotels are in question, one cannot describe Ghatkopar as a

haven for foodies without mentioning big giants such as Hotel Achija,

Hotel Samrat, Woodstok in the east and Hotel Guru, Bharat Café and

Meghdoot in the west.

Eat-outs and people in Ghatkopar are inseparable. Options are

unlimited and the hotels are simply brilliant. Therefore, Ghatkopar is a

foodie’s paradise beyond 2016-10-13 17-11-37













Explore the various entertainment services offered at the location after

you have enjoyed your meal with your family and loved once just a few

minutes from your residence.


Johnsons & Johnsons Gardens- 2016-10-13 17-14-07










Featuring lush green grasslands, blooming trees, colorful flowerbeds and

well-manicured lawns is Johnson’s Garden, an enchanting picnic spot

cum park. An ideal place for those who wish to spend some time in the

lap of nature. The other attractions in this garden cum theme park

include separate playing area for kids, seating arrangements like tools

and benches and jogging tracks that make it amongst one of the most

well-visited parks. One can take a quick stroll in one of Mulund’s many

gardens and have a rejuvenating experience.

Mulund and Ghatkopar have a lot going on thus making it an

incredible option to invest in. A world of incredible luxury and

leisure, Group Integrated features lavish 1, 2 and 3 bedroom

residences that invite you to live life on your own terms, in your

own not-so-little-world.

With all the above features, amenities and luxuries around, do

check out our projects Integrated Bhoomi, Integrated Arya and

Integrated Ahana in Ghatkopar and Integrated Kamal in


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