Community Housing

One of the main reasons why people choose a particular locality to buy a house at is that they can be close to their near and dear ones. No wonder why relatives and friends prefer settling close to each other in one locality or suburb. Somewhere, everyone seeks that added sense of security that being close to their known people brings. When people buy a new flat they always like to settle amongst like-minded people so that they can enjoy a similar lifestyle together.

That’s why we offer Community Housing projects. Here, a small, or even large group of people – relatives, friends or communities – come together and we offer them flats or if need be, build an entire project for them. It offers each one, tremendous advantages.

The biggest advantage is the fact that staying close to known people gives one a great sense of comfort and security. What’s more, being a large group, each member gets flats at a much better price than if bought individually. In the future, maintaining the society is easier and everyone enjoys peace of mind.

We have started out with a grand community housing project at Ulve. It houses 140 flats, 3-BHK each, spread over 2 towers Integrated IRS 1 & IRS 2. Replete with all modern lifestyle amenities, Integrated IRS is all set to be a benchmark for community housing projects of the future.

Project Video