Building The Future, In The Present

The impact of every structure on lifestyles and localities is tremendous; in fact it lasts over years. To create spaces worthy of the future, we build the best environments through our structures, both from inside and outside. On one hand we are obliged to create worthy life spaces for our consumers, while on the other, we are driven to develop structures that not only blend with the environment, but they add value to it!

Our focus on detail ensures that every square foot we create provides maximum utility. We believe that a well planned space appears larger than it actually is. Emphasis on common area, surroundings and ventilation is an integral part of our building process. Our product selection and offering is based on exhaustive market surveys and remarkable consumer insights. Our past projects have consistently achieved a marked appreciation, clearly beyond rates in the very same locality.

Eye catching elevation, maintainability, inviting ambience and a wealth of green spaces make our projects beautiful and timeless. Designing based on foresight, a unique product mix and thorough emphasis on quality living have been the reasons for our successful projects.

Real Estate Development

Be it development on open land or encumbered land, our team has mastered the complex process of real estate development. Not only does it need our team’s technical expertise, it is also driven by our expertise – human management skills – which is critical for most redevelopment projects.

The process of redevelopment of housing societies and tenanted properties in our shrinking cities is the need of the hour, yet the most difficult to accomplish. Over the years, the process has been refined to ensure that the society members can place their trust in the chosen developer to create not only a better lifestyle but also more homes to meet the rising demand.As much as the city needs it, the residents of the society often cannot come to a consensus on their choice of developer or the many factors that go in while making such a decision. After all, the decision is based on the single most valuable possession they own.

We, at Integrated, place complete, undivided focus on understanding the sentiments of the residents first. Our history bears testimony to this fact: till date, we have transformed the lives and homes of thousands of families by winning their trust first.

We, at Integrated, place complete, undivided focus on understanding the sentiments of the residents first.Our history bears testimony to this fact: till date, we have transformed the lives and homes of thousands of families by winning their trust first. In such an environment of mutual trust, we ensure that even the process of building the project is a positive experience. We believe that these very residents and their aspirations define the success of our projects. In creating beautiful homes, harmonious community spaces and better lifestyles, we achieve success. Not only for us, but also, our partners in the project – the residents!

Real Estate Enabling Services

With insightful experience as a real estate developer spanning 30 years, Group Integrated is now creating a seamless platform to design products and processes in real estate that will generate maximum value for its consumers and partners.

Our chief promoter, Mr Kanti Savla, has been one of the most respected names in Mumbai’s TDR business. In his quest to innovate and create value, he reengineered the TDR cycle, thereby accelerating the overall business cycle remarkably. Over the years, with his consistent performance and integrity, he has built a solid network of real estate developers and TDR generators. What’s more, we have been generating TDR through development of reservation plots and PAP tenement schemes. Currently we have two such projects underway.

Group Integrated is now executing his vision of unifying the real estate industry and its processes. We are integrating every step of the real estate value chain, in the forward and backward direction, in order to deliver maximum value to every participant and the end user. We envision ourselves as 3600 value chain partners with the capability to create end-to-end solutions for the real estate industry. In achieving our vision of complete integration, we believe we will contribute to the growth of the industry in a new direction.

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Infrastructure Development

We have a grand vision – to transform the city through port led development. In fact, one of our Directors, Nishit Savla, has taken formal education in the same subject. To bring this dream to reality, we have taken our first successful step in this direction: civil contracting services.

Integrated Coreinfra Limited – a Group Integrated Venture – provides civil contracting services to developers. It also provides civil contracting services for projects undertaken by the Group. We believe that by providing high quality civil contracting services that are not just of high quality but are affordable too, we contribute in the city’s growth. We envision that we will transform the city by building planned cities of the future!