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Tax benefits of Investing in Real Estate You Should be Aware of

    After the 5th July 2019 Budget, the common man’s challenges in real estate are reduced to a great extent and housing real estate once again boosting in the Market. So Investing and Buying a home is the best way to achieve Financial Freedom.   So when you buy a home on loan it […]


7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Home From Group Integrated

    Buying a new home is always a pride moment and it is one of the best lifetime Investment of our life. Therefore, nobody wants to make a wrong decision or a bad choice. The process and expenses of buying a home might be astounding but it is not something you cannot handle on […]


5 Important Tips You Should Follow Before Buying a New House

  What matters to most home buyers is the Surrounding Area (Locality) and the Safety Factors, how it makes them feel. Spending your hard earned money on homes is a crucial and important decision in our life.Buying New House comes with an astonishing feeling as the memories will be lifetime and it is the most expensive […]

Impact of GST

7 things to know about GST as a home buyer

With real estate prices going through the roof and the Impact of GST on property prices being ambiguous to prospective home buyers as well as developers, there is an increasing need for more information. There is also a need for better understanding of GST and its impact on property prices, and what it means for […]

RERA Benefits

4 reasons why RERA is beneficial to Home Buyers

The Government of India enacted the RERA act on 26th March 2016 with an aim to protect home buyers and boost investments in the real estate industry. RERA stands for Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act which came into full force on the 1st May 2017. A commonly asked question is – What is Rera […]

Investors Succeed

18 Tips to become a successful Real Estate Investor for Newbies

There has been a drastic change in the field of real estate in the past decade. Investing in real estate is continuously evolving to attain new heights. Real estate investors can succeed, when one is well-versed with the new market trends in order to be at par with the knowledge of the developing trends in […]

Technology Impact

How technology will transform the Real Estate sector in 2019

Real estate companies in India are evolving with the times, and they are all adopting modern technologies in order to grow and enhance their businesses. These practices they adopt can be from a large array of possibilities and can be matched together in order to provide the best possible investment experiences.   1. There are […]

Property Insights

Benefits of low maintenance homes

  With the enhancement in the standards of living, today every Mumbaikar longs to own a house. Owning a house in Mumbai was once considered as a far-fetched dream and something that only the rich could afford. However, the scenario has changed and now it has become more of a need than a dream. In […]


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